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dijous, 26 de febrer de 2009

El meu primer pa casolà / My first home-made bread!

Ahir vaig començar a preparar el meu primer pa casolà!
He trobat una recepta que et permet fer-ne un quasi sense dedicar-hi temps. 10 minuts com a molt. L'inconvenient és que triga quasi un dia a fer-se, perquè cal deixar-lo reposar unes 20 hores, però no passa res, perquè així no porta gens de feina.
Ahir el vaig deixar reposar i aquest matí ja havia crescut molt! Aquí en teniu una foto.
Aquesta nit el posaré al forn... sortirà bé? no sortirà bé? emoció... intriga.... Demà ho sabrem!

Yesterday I started preparing my first home-made bread! I find a very easy way to make it, that takes no time from you doing things. The bad thing is that it takes several hours, as it needs almos 20 hours without touching anyting. Yestesrday I prepare it and this morning it was enormous! hehehe... Here you have the photograph. This night I will put it inside the oven and see what happens... will it taste right? bad?... tatataááá... see you tomorrow, at the same bathour, same batblog.

2 comentaris:

Karen ha dit...

I suggest you buy a bread machine. It does all the work and only takes half the time (the bread is really good too).

Lutra ha dit...

I know about these machines, a friend of mine has one, and the bread is really good, as you say, but... were is then the pleasure of cooking it yourself? ;)