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dimarts, 24 de març de 2009

cap de setmana de colònies! / Weekend out with the children!

Disfressar-se de hip-hoperos, jugar a l'espantaocells, jugar a amagar el cigró, fer graffitis a una tela, fer malabars, jugar més a l'espantaocells, pintar cares de nit... Un cap de setmana genial, encara que acabés amb el peu torçat :p no ho canviaria per totes les discoteques del món!


Characterize like hip hop people, play hide and find, play at "hide the chickpea", paint with sprays, do some acrobatic games, more hide and find, paint children's faces while they are sleeping... What a great weekend, even resulting in my foot injured I wouldn't change it for nothing!

4 comentaris:

Karen ha dit...

It sounds like a wonderful time! Good for you. Is that you in the picture on the right with the children on your lap?

Lutra ha dit...

It was a great weekend, but my foot still hurts...
No, the guy that appears in that photo is one of the people that is in charge of that place. I am not regular staff, just go there because they need some help :)
I don't appear in any photo, because it was my cam, but when they pass me their photografs, maybe I will post some of mine. But I don't promise :p

Karen ha dit...

Well, I hope your foot heals soon. You should really post your picture, it's nice to put a face on my blogging buddies.

Lutra ha dit...

A photograph of mine sure will decrease even more the amount of people that pass by my blog :p

But it is ok, I will put some soon, maybe when I arrive at San Francisco.