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divendres, 13 de març de 2009

Gent - People

Aquest matí sortia del tren. Caminava per dins els túnels de ciment que s'utilitzen per sortir. Davant meu hi caminava un noia amb un noi, ella fumava, tot i que l'estació és plena de cartells no posa que està prohibit. Llavors li he posat la mà l'espatlla i li he dit que estava prohibit fumar, qeu hi ha gent que pateix asma i altres malalties respiratòries i que per ells és dolent. La noia s'ha enfadat. M'ha dit que quasi ja era al carrer. Que si algun dia em tornava a trobar, ja aniria a fumar a una altra banda. Quan hem arribat al carrer, m'ha dit que si aquí ja hi podia fumar, que si ara ja estava content. Li he dit que ara podia, i que no era molt educada. Ella m'ha dit que jo tampoc. Uns minuts després he anat a comprar una llibreta. Ella era la meva caixera.
This morning I was leaving the train. As I walk inside the corridors that lead you out of the station, I girl with a boy was walking in front of me, smoking. I touch her shoulder and told her that in that place, smoking was forbbiden, and that it's dangerous for people with asma and other disseases that may be near her. She went angry, and started tell me that she was almost in the street, and that if she meet me again another day she will go to smoke far from me. As soon as we reached the street, she told me in an angry way that if it was correct to me that she continued smoking there. I said yes. Minuts later she was attending me in a nice way as I buied a notebook.

2 comentaris:

Karen ha dit...

Way to speak up! Not alot of people are willing to do that. I'm glad she was nicer to you in the end.

Lutra ha dit...

I think that it was just a job mask, and that inside her she was angry to have to be kind to me by force...