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dijous, 23 d’abril de 2009

Sant Jordi! / Saint George!

Finalment ja el tenim aquí! La meva festa preferida! Sant Jordi!

Clar, que des de Berkely no serà pas el mateix, sense els carrers plens de roses, de llibres, la gent passejant...

Però és igual! Jo he decidit celebrar el meu propi Sant Jordi aqui a Berkeley, i he comprat llibres i roses per la familia amb qui estic vivint.

Quan faci les fotos, les penjaré!


Finally it is here! My favourite day of the year! Saint George (from now on, Sant Jordi)!
Well,,, it is true that from here, Berkeley, it is not the same... no street full of red roses, no street full of books, no people just spending their time walking and reading...
But it is ok for me! Because I am going to do my little Sant Jordi here at Berkeley, I have buyied some books and red roses for the family I am staying with, so they are going to have a little surprise this afternoon!

As soon as I get the photos of them, I will put them here!

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Lutra ha dit...

The most popular legend in Catalonia about Sant Jordi tells that at Montblanc, in Conca de Barberà, there was a terrible dragon which viciously attacked men and beasts. To pacify it, lots were drawn and a person was chosen to be given as a sacrifice to the monster. One day, the misfortune fell on the king's daughter, who would have died in the beast's claws if it had not been for the arrival of a handsome knight who challenged the dragon and killed it.
From its blood, red roses blossomed, and since then, every 23 of april, men give women red roses, and women give men books as gift.

This same legend, although with slight variations, is told as a popular legend in England, Portugal and Greece.

Karen ha dit...

What a neat story. I'll have to tell my husband about it. It'll be another reason for him to make an excuse as to why he didn't buy me roses! LOL.