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dijous, 23 d’abril de 2009

Every language is a treasure.

Aquest post no té cap sentit en català, així que només el faré en anglès :)


Nonsense in doing this post in catalan, so I am writing it only in english.

It is amazing how every language is a different form of viewing the world. Every person just feels the same emotions all over the world, but looking through the glasses of language, the same thing is different in every place. And that's wonderful.

For example, where I come from, there are a lot of sentences that people use every day, and that they are meaningless if I just translate them to an American, so if I do that, I have to explain why we say that. After the explanation, they see it clear, and usually laugh.

Here you have an example, where I come from, when you speak to someone who you know well and feel like friendly, it is common to use the sentences " than..." rather than "you are too..." that are very funny, but not all are going to be undertood without explanation. Here we go!!!

If someone or something is going too slow, we say "you are slower than the bad guy's horse". And why??? Oks, do you remember the old western movies? When the bad guy grabs the money from the bank, or kidnapps the girl and then fly off with his horse? After that, the good guy always goes after him in his own horse. And the good guy ALWAYS catches the bad one. ALWAYS. The bad guy is never able to fly away with the money or the girl. So the horse from the bad guy is really slow... That's why we say "you are slowest than the bad guy's horse".

If someone is very ugly, we say "you are uglier than the Fari sucking a lemmon". Oks, the Fary was a spanish singer, that in fact was very ugly. When someone is very very ugly, you just don't say, "hi/she is as ugly than the Fary", you say "he/she is uglier than the Fary sucking a lemmon". You know how your face goes when you suck a lemmon.... Alternative "you are uglier than the Fary drinking vinegar". :) More alternatives "he/she is so ugly that his/her parents tied him/her a steak so the dog wanted to play with him/her".

When something is very large you say "this is larger than a day without eating" No explanation is needed (our original sentence is "a day without bread", but this translation fits better.

When someone is too much quiet, you say "you are moving less than a muppet's eyes". no explanatio needed again :)

When something is gonna be ended using force, you say "Stop or rather I will give you slap medicine" Because the slap "heals" the sillyness.

When something is very black, you say "it is balcker than a crocroach's armpit". XD

And this is only the top of the iceberg....

Now I will put some more sentences, but without the explanation, and you can try to figure what they mean:

"I am gonna give you one that there won't be enough sky for you to fly".

"I like you more than eating using my fingers"

"You, pretty girl, I would eat the whole of you besides I would pass one entire month shitting clothes" (That is what we say "a worker's poetry").

"I am going to clap hands on your face"

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Karen ha dit...

Oh Lutra, you make me laugh! Those are some good ones. Here's one my daughtger told me the other day - Your momma's so dumb that when she heard most accidents happen within a mile from your home - she moved! LOLOLOLOL! Sorry, got a little carried away there. Some others we say around here are - You're uglier than a mud fence; That is butt ugly. Well, I'm drawing a blank right now, but if I think of more, I'll let ya know! Have a great day!

Mar ha dit...

I no cal oblidar la millor de totes les frases del món:

You are more stupid than do shit doing the pine!
( traducció és més brutal del que em pensava)

Bé amics, fins aquí la meva aportació...mañana...maix!!!

Lutra ha dit...


doing the pine


Lutra ha dit...


doing the pine


Enkeli ha dit...

Shit yourself little parrot!! hahahaha Me n'he rigut un munt amb aquest post!