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divendres, 17 d’abril de 2009

Som-hi som-hi Bruce! / Go go Bruce!

Porto uns dies una mica atrafegat. A la feina ja apreten més i acabo amb feina a casa (com abans d'ahir, o avui que també en tindré) i m'he d'ocupar de la casa (és petita, però porta feina...).
Ahir va ser un dia especialment durillu perquè tot va anar d'esquenes.

Així que en aquests moments, quan el dia ja ha acabat i no ha anat massa bé, només hi ha una cosa que un home pugui fer...

Posar una peli de Bruce Lee, i veure com un munt de xinesos s'estoven de valent.
P.D.: Evidentement em faltava la cervesa, però intento cuidar-me una mica per l'entrenament i vaig prendre un got de te, que també m'encanta.


These last days I have bee really busy. At work they are starting to ask for more and more, and I have to bring job to my house. House of wich I have to take care too. So not to much time for writing these days...
Yersterday it was a specially hard day, and when the day ended I just feel exahusted and a bit homesick.
In those moments, there is only one thing that a man can do. Put a Bruce Lee movie and watch how a bunch of chinese start fighting for no reason but with amazing moves.
P.D.: It is clear that a beer was needed as I whatched the movie, but I am trying to keep good condition for my training, so I changed it for one tea, wich I love too.

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Karen ha dit...

I've missed you Lutra, so I am very glad you are back. Please don't work too hard, you'll get burnt out and then nothing will be much fun after that. Glad you found a way to unwind.

Lutra ha dit...

Yeah... I have to try not work too hard, I think I will success ;)